Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness and self-control.

Meditation is not about getting into an altered state of consciousness or seeing or experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

It is about entering more fully into the ordinary and discovering thereby the absolute wonder of it, the presence of God: that the ordinary is shot through with the extraordinary.

Components of Christian Meditation

Wonder, Joy, Listening, Humility, Stillness, Silence, Trust, Selflessness, Peace, Oneness, Perseverance, Healing, Gratefulness, Love and Compassion

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Fruits of Meditation for Children

Meditation and the fruits of meditation are the results of God’s gift to us, an expression of God's love and not merely a result of our effort.

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Personal Wellbeing and Harmony

In today's stressful society, regular meditation can help adults and children relax and also lower their stress.

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Self Knowledge and Acceptance

The mystery to which meditation leads us is a personal mystery, the mystery of our own identity, which finds its completion in the person of Christ

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Personal Relationship with God

We grow closer to God to that point that we are united with God - we actually participate in the life of God.

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The Experience of Community

Christian Meditation brings us closer to others. We become more involved in the concerns and needs of others.

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