St Paul named the fruits of prayer in his letter to the Galatians (5:22):


Christian Meditation is a journey of faith and the earlier a person begins this journey the more profound the effect.

There are no guarantees when we start but people who have meditated for a long time see positive effects in their lives as a result of their daily practice.


What are the benefits and fruits of meditation?...

Ernie Christie

Assistant Director, Catholic Education Townsville

Something inside us changes for the better. We are permanently transformed - not just experiencing occasional highs or altered states of consciousness.

Basically, changes that can be expected from meditation are:

  • Meditation reduces stress and increases our sense of well-being and harmony.
  • Meditation leads to increased self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
  • Meditation deepens our personal relationship with our God
  • Meditation helps us to know and follow Christ
  • Meditation increases our desire to build community with others

Meditation and the fruits of meditation are God’s gift to us, an expression of God's love, not merely a result of our own effort.

The fruits of meditation will appear in God’s time, not to our own schedule. The positive effects of meditation are a life-long process of transformation.

Because the process of meditation is life-long and may sometimes seem unproductive, it is important to remember the centuries of Christians who have been faithful to this process and have grown spiritually because of it.



Many positive effects of meditation will follow when people persevere with the practice.

Why is Christian Meditation Important for a Child...

Kim Nataraja

International Coordinator for the School of Meditation, WCCM