The Christian contemplative tradition identifies contemplation as a work of love.

Meditation is in this sense a falling in love with God who has fallen in love with us. St Francis de Sales, for example said that “The end of love is no other than the union of the lover and the thing loved.”

In meditation we grow more and more in love with God. We grow closer to God to that point that we are united with God - we actually participate in the life of God.  The sign of this is that we become more loving people.


What opportunities does meditation give?...

Cathy Day

Director, Catholic Education Townsville


To children it is appropriate to talk about "being present to God" and that in the stillness and silence we can experience God's presence within us. John Main wrote, “To be in our centre is to be in God.” (Moment of Christ p106)

This going into the quiet, still centre of who we are allows children to stop thinking about themselves and to be open to God. John Main wrote

“Meditation is simply the gentle and gradual change of direction. The change of heart that comes is to stop thinking of yourself and to be open to God, to the wonder of God, to the glory of God and to the love of God.”
Moment of Christ, p122