Teaching Christian Meditation to Students Adelaide Workshop

4 July 2013 | General Interest

Children and young people have a natural capacity for meditation. They enjoy it and show the benefits.

This workshop will assist schools to make available to students this spiritual practice and universal life skill which promotes growth of the whole person. It is open to all those involved in the faith dimension of students. The workshop will explore the spiritual, psychological and practical aspects of introducing the practice of Christian Meditation
to students and teachers. The teaching follows the practice as taught by the Townsville Catholic Education Office in all its Diocesan schools and throughout other Dioceses in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.


Even amid the ‘busy-ness’ and the stress of our daily lives, we need to make space for silence. It is in silence that we find God, and in silence that we discover our true self. And in discovering our true self, we discover the particular vocation which God has given us …

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI



Ruth Fowler is the National Coordinator for Teaching Christian Meditation to Students in the Australian Christian Meditation Community (ACMC). In this capacity Ruth has introduced Principals, Religious Education Coordinators and teachers to Christian Meditation as a personal spiritual practice and offers support for them introducing students to Christian Meditation in their schools. She has worked across many Catholic dioceses in Australia and in New Zealand and Poland.

Mirella Pace was a Primary School teacher for more than 25 years which included 16 years as a highly respected Religious Education Coordinator. Since 1997 Mirella has been working as a Pastoral Associate in several Catholic parishes in Melbourne. She has supported teachers in introducing Christian Meditation into a number of primary schools in Victoria. She is currently Acting Coordinator for the ACMC.