Children and young adults are born contemplative but in the modern world they are bombarded from an early age with noise, stimulus, and a message to keep busy.

By allowing children to experience meditation, John Main believed they would discover their ‘true selves in their real participation in the reality of God.

A programme of Christian Meditation aims to teach children to find God in stillness, silence, and simplicity. Or as the Old Testament says: Be still and know that I am God.


It may seem a paradox to many that children can be still and silent and enjoy it, but children also yearn for God

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Equipped for the Spiritual Journey

The real challenge is to build on the ‘spiritual competence’ each child is endowed with

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Guiding Principles

Children, like adults, will find the practice of meditation a process in which they will feel like they have ‘come home’.

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Origins of Christian Meditation

The basis of the current work of Fr Laurence Freeman's work and that of the WCCM is the work of Fr John Main, an Irish Benedictine monk.

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Stillness, Silence and Simplicity

Meditation is a way of simplicity, silence and stillness. It can be practised by anyone from wherever you are on your life’s journey.

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