In the discussion period after the meditation session there will probably be a range of questions, these are the types of questions young people may raise:

Can we lie down while we meditate?
Response: When we lie down, our bodies may feel it is time to rest or sleep. That is why we sit up - so that we can stay alert and pay attention to saying the mantra.

Why do I have to keep my eyes closed?
Response: Keeping our eyes lightly closed helps us to keep from being distracted by things around us.

Why do we have to be so still?
Response: When our bodies are still, it helps our minds to be still too, so that we can pay attention to saying the mantra.

Why do we say ‘maranatha’?
Response: The word ‘maranatha’ is from the language that Jesus spoke, and it was early considered a special word. It means ‘Come, Lord.’

How long do YOU meditate?
Response: Twenty-five minutes in the morning and in the evening. Someday you’ll want to meditate for a longer period of time. But this is just right for now.  Begin with twenty and gradually build up to thirty.

How long are we going to meditate today?
Response: For a few minutes! (Or whatever is appropriate with your children)

How do you decide how long we're going to meditate?
Response: Well, since you’re 5 years old, let’s try 5 minutes - one for each year.

What if someone makes a noise, and I have to see what's going on?
Response: There will always be noises of some sort, so you just have to keep your eyes closed even if you are curious to see what's going on. What’s going on will usually just end up being a distraction.

Can we take off our shoes?
Response: Sure!

Why do we take off our shoes?
Response: It can help us be more comfortable sitting cross-legged on the floor, or if we are sitting in chairs, feeling our feet on the floor can help us pay better attention during our meditation time.

Can I take off my socks too?
Response: Let’s leave our socks’ll be easier at the end of our time to get ready to go.

What should I do if someone (or something) distracts me?
Response: Keep saying the mantra, really listen to it inside your heart, and try not to give the distraction any of your attention.

What if I can’t help (making noises or moving around) while we’re in the meditation circle?
Response: Well, see if you can remember that you are a friend to the others in the circle, and friends help each other. In meditation together, it is important that each person be still and quiet, not just for themselves, but for the others too.

If the children/young adults are not immediately familiar or comfortable with silence you may choose to introduce this using some of the following:

  • Scripture - use children’s Bible, Preschooler’s Bible or Scripture story where appropriate.
  • A candle
  • A chime
  • The WCCM mediation time App.
  • A CD player
  • Quiet reflective music to lead into the meditation
  • A prayer focus e.g. Icon, natural elements such as stones or shells
  • Simple prayer postures