The purpose of a programme of Christian Meditation is to impart knowledge about God and to provide first-hand experience of God’s love through the experiential process of “doing” meditation.

‘Our set purpose must be to help children build a loving relationship with Jesus in the flesh and bring them to this same Jesus, present with us now – in the spirit’ (Sr. Madeline Simon).

Through Christian Meditation, children are afforded an opportunity to be silent and experience God in the silence.

Nurturing Spirituality

Christian Meditation does build community but it also has the power to bond people closely together.

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Our Human Need for God

Modern-day life have forced us to divide our lives too rigidly and as a result,we lose a sense of our own personal wholeness.

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Children Hunger for God, Too

Because in many homes both parents work, increasing numbers of children come home to empty houses. Children today have never been so alone or so lonely.

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An Experience of God's Love

The christian meditation experience will help children enter into the mystery of the sacred, the heart of true faith.

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The Importance of Prayer

People of faith are people of prayer; they seek union with the God who is within them and within others

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