I only experienced Christian Meditation for the first time last year - I hadn’t even heard of it before then.

I chose a 3-day Christian Meditation workshop from a list of Spirituality days offered to teachers. I chose this one because it sounded very laid back and at that point in my hectic year, I jumped at the chance to be out of the classroom for 3 whole days.


Christian Meditation however, involved much more than I expected.

I remember walking out of that first workshop feeling, yes, calm and relaxed, but more noticeably it made me question my prayer life and my life in general - how and where could Christian Meditation fit in? Was it something I would want to do? My life was fairly well sorted - great family, friends, job, health, I never really felt I needed to search for something else to be happy.


I was invited to join the trial group for teaching Christian Meditation to children earlier this year.

I was really pleased and very intrigued as to how Ernie, Joan and the team would tackle this challenge. To be honest I was a little apprehensive at first - not about the teaching part, but the personal experience of meditation (it wasn’t how I usually prayed).

The more I opened up and allowed myself to experience Christian Meditation rather than think about it though, the more I realised how simple it was and how it could be something real in my life and in the lives of the children I taught.

I was impressed with the way my Year 3 / 4 students embraced the idea of Christian Meditation and gave it a go. It did take (and still takes) a lot of discussion and direction, patience and a lot from them and me to give them a taste of what it’s all about.

My class of 25 takes part in Christian Meditation as part of our morning prayer for approximately 5 minutes 2-3 times a week. It’s the only time in the whole day that they can be completely silent without stimulation from books, work, teachers, and classmates and it’s the only chance they have to just be. I think they can sense what a powerful thing it is and it gives them a special place in the bigger picture.

So this has been my journey so far - short, but enlightening. I may not fully understand Christian Meditation yet, but I’m glad I’ve had this special insight into the possibilities it can open up. I’ve met some inspiring people and I’m sure their work will continue to help others to experience God’s love more fully and yet so simply.

To teach Christian Meditation to children is to touch a life forever.