Meditation with 10 Red. What a scary thought.

Can they be silent? Can they be still?
Who knows? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Sacred space, here we come!
Can we go to sleep? Well, not really.
Can’t we just lie down? We’re trying something different.
Sitting still, sitting straight,
Getting everyone silent, simultaneously.
Quite a challenge, much patience required.
What’s a mantra? What does it do?
Why, that one? Can’t we make one up?
Maranatha, funny word!
What does it mean? Why repetition?
Questions, questions.
Okay - let’s try.
Restless, wriggling, teenage boys.
Silence and stillness, so difficult.
Try again, set the scene.
Light a candle, play some quiet music.
Presence improved but by no means perfect.
Have another try, include a reading.

Something for them to do, lead gently into stillness.
Better option, more become quiet.
Slowly, slowly, some appreciate quiet.
What to do with the restless ones? What to do with the unbelievers?
Strategy of least resistance - don’t have to participate.
But not permitted to disturb others. Make it a special event, get them involved.
Quiet coming at last, the year has passed.



Simplicity works. Prayer and life integrated. Sense of oneness.

Simplicity works
Prayer and life integrated
Sense of oneness.
Meditation stills
Restless bodies, hearts and minds,
Opens souls to God.
Children responding gladly with curiosity
to new experience.
Quiet and stillness
break the busyness of life
alter the focus.
Keep it simple please,
Focus on mantra and God,
Let go of all else.