The Journey Continues

After experiencing the benefits of Christian Meditation last year, I was keen to start with my new class of 29 students.

In the first week we discussed different types of meditation, Christian Meditation as another form of prayer, the meaning of ‘maranatha’ and the routine. We created “Do not Disturb - We are Meditating” door signs and a Maranatha banner as a focus point. A PowerPoint presentation was used to inform the parents at our Parent Information Night, to which there was very positive feedback.

The next week we began our Christian Meditation sessions. By the third week, the children were setting up the space (including my chair with the chime in pride of place) and sitting, waiting expectantly. We have already meditated for up to 9 minutes with 5 minutes being the average.

As with all Life-Long Learning, we are all at various stages - some still concentrating on just sitting still, most closing their eyes and internalising the mantra, and a few seem to be ‘in the zone’.

A great moment and proof of the fruits of the Spirit was when one of my most disruptive students was most indignant that we had missed our meditation time.